Why is walking on the moon important?

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Because siting aint bring you nowhere
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Who walked on the moon?

There were 6 trips to the moon, 12 astronauts walked on the moon. Their names were Neil Armstrong,Edwin Aldrin, Charles Conrad, Alan Bean,Alan B. Shepherd, Edgar Mitchell, Joh

Did we walk on the moon?

Answer . Yes, several people have although it was more of a bouncing shuffle than a walk.

What important to walk on moon?

Going to the moon was a dream humanity had since it learned that the moon was another place, a place that maybe you could go. The first attempts where made without people r

How you can do the moon walk?

First you will need some shoes that are fairly slippy then put onefoot forward and one foot back the back foot needs to be on tiptoes then you bring your front foot back and d

What is important to Salamanca in walk two moons?

Salamanca found family, friends, and relationships to be very important. The only possessions that she really talked about were items that linked her to her loved ones. Her mo

Who walked the moon?

Neil Armstrong was the first, Edwin Aldrin was the second. In total so far, 12 NASA astronauts have walked on the moon.

Why was the first man to walk on the moon important?

This is important simply because it is a very important milestone in human development, the first time any human ever set foot on any celestial body besides Earth. Also it was

What are the important things in Walk Two Moons?

The most important things in Walk Two Moons are families, friends, and connections. Most of the story focused on how connections with parents effect kids growing up. Losing a

Why was the first walk on the moon important?

The Space Race was a weapon in the Cold War to determine thesuperiority of the 2 super powers (the United States and the SovietUnion). Because the Soviets had sent up the firs