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The tears are there to wash the sadness away.
Some days you will look someone in the eyes and think "we are so alike you and I, I think I love you", and they'll be like "stop staring at me dude or I'll ask the driver to throw you off the bus" and you will feel sadness growing upwards from your toes.

When the sadness reaches your heart you'll be like "oh, no, I need to turn off 'shuffle' on my iPod so I can quickly find a song by The Cure", but even then, when it reaches your eyes you will start to cry and there will be tears. If you feel it tickling in the corner of the eye it is just sadness being itchy.

Somebody nice will see you when you get off the bus, and they will say, "hey, don't be so sad", and you'll say "I'm not sad", but they'll say "I can see sadness running down your cheeks, but don't be sad, because your cheeks are all sticky and shiny from the sadness so I can see my own reflection on your face. This makes you beautiful, to me."

And you will feel weird, and feel the urge to wipe the stranger's reflected face off of your cheek, and this will make you forget the sadness.

Nature is wise like that.
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