Why is the chisholm trail important?

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The Chisholm Trail was important because it is how cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas before the railroad expanded. It was the main route ranchers used and it allowed them to get beef to the Northeast and the sale of cattle helped Texas get out of the poverty left over from the Civil War.
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The chisholm trail was a trail that?

The Chisholm Trail was a trail that was used to drive cattleoverland from ranches in Texas to Kansas rail heads during the late19th century. The trail is named for Jesse Chish

Who was on the Chisholm Trail who invented the Chisholm Trail and where is the Chisholm trail?

Cows, cowboys, wranglers and Native Americans all used the trail between Texas and Abilene beginning in 1867 as a cattle trail. The route is named for Jesse Chisholm who used