Why is providing humanitarian aid to foreign countries a useful part of US foreign policy?

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Someone should improve this answer. Can't believe it's not answered yet. I asked this over a year ago.
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What country was the first to receive US foreign aid?

what was the first us country to receive foregin aid In response to the Venezuela earthquake of 26 March 1812, the Congress of the USA decreed unanimously, in what was its fi

What country gets the most foreign aid from the us?

The country that has gotten the most U.S foreign aid on average is Israel from 2001 to 2006 with around 20 billion taxpayer dollars. Recently, the top has been occupied by Ira

Why does the US give foreign aid?

the us giver forein aid for multople reasons. 1) Poor countries need aid, people with no food, nor reacources need help. 2) Strategically, giving aid to specific countries

Why should the US give foreign aid to other countries?

The U.S. should not give foreign aid. When we attacked Hiroshima what did we do next? We rebuilt them, why? To allow them to attack us again of course. India is its own countr

Who is responsible for the foreign policy of the US?

The Secretary of State and the President. But ultimately it ought to be the people (and I mean people, not corporate business interests) because we elect the President and Sen

What countries does the US give the most foreign aid to?

Number one is Israel, mostly militarily. Second is Egypt, which is pretty much for what ever Egypt wants to use it for, and it is basically a bribe or " payment" to Egypt for

What are the goals of the US in foreign policy?

During President Obama's speech on the Middle East he stated that that the priorities of the US were to ensure economic stability in various regions, support the spread of dem
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Why does the US provide foreign aid to Israel?

Answer 1 Ever since WWII the U.S. has made a special point of extending it's umbrella of protection to Israel with anyone and everyone being "on notice" that Israel will rece