Why is orthodox Easter different each year?

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It's different for the same reason that Catholic Easter falls on a different day every year, the way it's calculated. The only difference is that the calculation for Orthodox Easter uses the Julian calendar and the Catholic Church uses the Gregorian calendar. The way it works is you start off with the ecclesiastical vernal equinox which always falls on March 21st in the Julian calendar. Easter then falls on the Sunday after the next full moon.
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Why does Easter change each year?

The early church fathers wished to keep the observance of Easter in correlation to the Jewish Passover. Because the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ happened af

Why is orthodox Easter different?

Catholic churches use two criteria - Easter cannot be before March 21 & must fall on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox (ie first full moon after March 21). The Orthodo

When is Orthodox Easter?

Orthodox Easter this year will occur on Sunday, April 12, 2015.

Whats the difference with orthodox Easter?

It is usually celebrated later than Catholic & Protestant Easter. However, every few years, all of Christendom celebrate Easter together.

Why is the orthodox Easter celebrated on different dates as Easter in Australia?

The orthodox Easter is celebrated on different dates as Easter in Australia because the orthodox religion follows the Jewish. This is the Sunday after the Jewish Passover and

Why is Easter at different days of the year?

Easter is not schedualed by the Julian calendar; it is schedualed by the Jewish calendar in conjunction with Passover, the time during which Christ was arrested, tried, and cr

Why is Greek Orthodox Easter different that Protestant Easter?

The dates are different mainly because the Western churches (Protestant and Catholic) use the Gregorian calender, the Orthodox church still uses the Julian calender which is 1

What is the difference between Greek Orthodox Easter and Roman Catholic Easter?

The Orthodox Church uses the old Julian calendar to calculate Easter, whereas the Roman Catholics and Protestants use the new Gregorian calendar. Previously, they all used the

What is the difference between a Catholic Easter and an Orthodox Easter?

Easter is calculated to follow the Jewish feast of Passover. The Jews use the Jewish calendar to calculate when Passover should occur. Catholics and most Protestants use th

When does Easter happen each year?

Easter Sunday occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the March equinox [the day the sun crosses the Equator from south to north].
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Why does Easter fall on a different Sunday each year?

Easter Sunday typically falls on a different date each year becauseof a system that was slowly developed throughout the Middle Ages,and which remainsthe base for what we use t
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Why do you celebrate Easter at different times each year?

Because it is on the Sunday following the first full Moon which falls on or after the Spring equinox. Spring equinox is either March 20 or 21. So it depends on the timing of t

When do the Eastern orthodox church in Barcelona celebrate Easter this year?

Orthodox christians celebrate Easter or (aka Pascha) by the Julian Calendar which is the Old Church Calendar that was used by all Christians utill about 1600's around that tim