Why is it important to prevent dehydration during sports?

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Dehydration can be a real problem facing athletes all over the world. However it shouldn't be. It is as simply as having regular glasses of water after and during exercise.
Signs of dehydration can include
excessive sweating
cravings for sugar & alcoholic fruit cake (thats a joke)

Anyway, there are also benefits of drinking water
if you have two glasses of water after you exercise it helps dramtically in weightloss and staying healthy
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How does salt prevent dehydration?

Salt and dehydration . \nSalt does not prevent dehydration, but it is needed when drinking water to replace the salt lost during dehydration.

How does the skin prevent dehydration?

There are two main layers of the skin. the outer layer is called the epidermis, which consists of stratified squamous epithelium and the thicker layer is the dermis, which has

How does the body prevent dehydration?

Generally the hand will lift a glass of water to the lips and tilt it back. When this happens the water goes into the mouth. After the proper amount of water is placed with in

How does your skin prevent dehydration?

Your skin acts as a barrier by preventing your body from losing the water it has already absorbed. If your internal and/or external body temperature rises, sweat pores will re

How To prevent a patient from dehydrating?

give them water answer if no vomiting ORS(oral rehydration solution) is the best if their is vomiting than simply put the patient on intravenous fluide like normal saline,r
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What does preventing dehydration do for the body?

You're about 70% water - loss of 10 % will incapacitate or kill you. Under comfortable conditions you can die in 3 days without water - under hot dry conditions you might
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What prevents you from dehydration?

You can prevent dehydration by: Drinking plenty of water Keepingwater on you Not taking salt tablets Wearing light, cool clothingAvoid drinking sodas and coffe
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What is dehydration and how can a sportsman prevent it?

you can get dehydrated by not drinking I enough fluids to helpyour body. you can prevent it by drinking loads of water every dayand drinking loads during and after sports. .