Why is intensive farming bad?

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It contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, and is a concern in regards to animal welfare and husbandry.
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What is intensive farming?

Intensive farming or intensive agriculture is an agricultural production system characterized by the high inputs of capital, labour, or heavy usage of technologies such as pes

How do you create intensive chicken farm?

Intensive farming of any kind is a business. An intensive chicken farm simply means that you raise as many birds for whatever purpose you intend, be it egg production or meat

How is organic farming different from intensive farming?

organic farming is where they don't use any chemicals as intensive farming does. . a better explanation: organic farming is where the farm uses is more environmentally frien

How do you overcome intensive farming?

Why would you want to? From Wikipedia: . Intensive agriculture has a number of benefits: . Significantly increased yield per acre, per person, and per dollar relative

What are the examples of intensive farming?

Intensive farming involves producing lots within a small area.Feedlot, chicken farming, dairy farming, and pig farming qualify as"intensive farming," but also much of the crop

Is hydroponics organic farming or intensive farming?

Hydroponic farming is a soiless type of farming which is usuallydone indoors. It can be organic or not. It's totally up to thosedoing the farming. For example: they may use pe

What are the causes of intensive farming?

Causes of intensive farming include: . Consumer demand . A desire to meet demands for meat by producing a lot of product in a limited amount of time . A need for profit

Who supports intensive farming?

Intensive or conventional farming is favoured by food producers, as they get more money for more meat or crops. Also, it is generally favoured by customers as it is cheaper to

How is intensive farming different to normal farming?

Intensive farming means large inputs (like labor and money) per amount of land, extensive farming means a low-input system with less labor and less expenses. In first world co