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Why is hockey the most popular sport in Canada?

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There are a number of reasons. Hockey was "invented" and first organized in Canada in the 1890's.Over the years hockey has become more than a sport in Canada; it has become a huge part of the very fabric of our culture.There are few Canadians, male and female, who haven't played the game at some level, even if it has only been to take a stick and puck and skate on a frozen pond. Our national teams are idolyzed and we almost have national government inquiries when they don't do well. ( I'm Not Joking!). In the eighth game of the 1972 Summit Series between the Soviet Union and Canada, our nation practically came to a standstill (schools, industry, government) as everyone wanted to see the outcome of the final game.
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Why is hockey a popular sport in Canada?

 Ice hockey is popular in Canada for several reasons. Among them are the apparent fact of its creation there and the quite suitable climate for anybody to play the sport mos

What is the most popular hockey team in Canada?

If you are talking purely about TV ratings, merchandise sales, overall largest fan base, money generating, ticket sales, global recognition, historical relevance. Than the
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Is hockey third most popular sport in the world?

There really is no official list of the most popular sports but I would say hockey is not the third most popular sport in the world. Baseball, basketball, football , and socce