Why is being overweight dangerous?

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It can cause Obesity, Heart disease, Blood problems, Death, sometimes even cancer.

I was overweight, and i began to become Obese and almost heart problems, i could breath sometimes i lost my weight and i am now fine. It can cause diabetes because you most likely are eating too much sugar. It can be dangerous to others because your big tummy can get in the way. (I learned this on George Lopez the TV show)
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Scientific name for- dangerously overweight?

Metric: B M I = k g / m 2 . Any BMI > 40 is severe obesity . A BMI of 40.0-49.9 is morbid obesity . A BMI of >50 is super obesity - Alpha . Recommend m

What are the risks of being overweight?

Coronary heart disease . Type 2 diabetes . Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon) . Hypertension (high blood pressure) . Dyslipidemia (for example, high total cholestero

How can being overweight affect your health?

High blood pressure Type 2 Diabetes Heart Disease Back, neck, and other bone and joint problems Carpal Tunnel Gout Infertility Pancreatitis Incontinence Increa

Can your feet get sore from being overweight?

\nYes. Eventually, your feet may have too much stress on them due to excess weight. If PSI exceeds a certain level, your feet may not be able to hold you up efficiently.

What is being overweight?

The medical definition of overweight is having the Body Mass Index (BMI) of about 25-30. Above 30 is considered obese. There is BMI calculator on the internet. It's not a perf

Positives and negatives of being overweight?

Recent scientific studies have shown that moderately plump people are actually healthier than slim, skinny or fat people and are oftenperceived by others to be younger than th

Is being overweight harmful to your health?

Very much so, yes. It drastically increasing your risk of blood clots due to plague build up, and blood clots can cause infarction's. Infarction's are things like heart attack

Does being overweight cause diabetes?

Yes, being overweight can sometimes cause diabetes. It depends on other factors also but being overweight or obese will increase the chance of diabetes

Does being overweight cause depression?

Yes it does because it's hard to feel good about yourself after years of being teased and being made fun of by girls because you hold all of that in and try to keep your pride
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Is being overweight a choice?

Yes it is! You have the option to eat and not limit yourself on the foods you eat. You are in control of your body not anyone else, only you. So, yes being overweight is a cho

Is being overweight a big deal?

You also can enjoy your life very well! Believe yourself! Fat is no problem. If you really are overweight it is not the end of the world nor should it be the end of you, ye