Why does your 2000 Sebring use so much gasoline?

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With gas prices what they are you want to make sure your car is tuned as well as it can be. Have a tune up performed with new O2 sensors installed and you will most likely notice a big improvement.
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How much gasoline is used in the US daily?

Answer . According to a document by Exxon/Mobile published in February 2005, there are 370 million gallons of gasoline used daily. . United States consumed over 142 billi

How much gasoline does an airplane use?

too many types of aircraft and variables to answer without more info - but in general aircraft use more on average than a car would mainly because of the higher speed and powe

How much gasoline does a car use?

It varies from car to car and driver to driver. The next time you fill up, record the mileage. The next time you fill up again, record the mileage and the gallons it took to f

Why is gasoline so widely used?

because it is what cars run on, until someone develops a more efficient, eco friendly alternative that can easily & cheaply replace all gasoline powered vehicles, it will cont

How much is gasoline in the us?

The price varies by location, how close it is to a refinery, how close it is to a freeway, and by the company overhead that makes it available at a given location.. I paid $1

How much gasoline is produced in the US?

The US Energy Department posts on the Energy Information Agency (EIA) many statistics including millions of barrels per day of gasoline produced. I have include a link which a
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Why do people use so much gasoline?

Most don't because most don't own cars. In less developed countries, the ones that do, their cars aren't as efficient as ours because they're cars are about 2 decades behind

How much gasoline a car uses?

It varies with each vehicle. To determine the mpg (miles per gallon) your vehicle gets, fill your fuel tank to the top and record the mileage. The next time you need to refuel