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Why does your '91 S-10 run rough after it gets hot?

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no try running a thicker oil so that it doesnt loose viscosity so quick. 1991's are motor driven oil puimps so if the oil is to think to pump it will run rough
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When a 96 jeep Cherokee gets a little hot about 230 will this make it start to run rough and want to die?

Love my 96 But runs hot   I have a 96 Cher. sport 4.0 HO with about 130k miles on it I don't remember when my heating problem started but I have replaced: water pump, the

How do you replace the water pump on a 91 ford probe Car overheats but has new radiator and hoses and new thermostat gets hot and runs out of water but i can find no leaks any suggestions?

  Answer                                           Engine overheats     When

What could be the problem in a 1993 corsica that runs hot after you have changed the thermostat - is fine in the morning but as the day gets hot it runs hot and steams?

  Answer Corsica overheating problem   You may have not enough coolant or the wrong kind of coolant. You may have used a winter thermostat rather than a summer thermo

Why is your 91 cougar running rough?

Your 1991 Cougar might be running rough because it needs to be  serviced. Try changing the spark plugs, spark plug wires, and  checking for water in the fuel tank. You might

When i am closing window i am getting run time error '91' how to overcome it?

  A runtime error means there is a problem with the application you are running. Here is an explanation for runtime error 091 . 09 means its a program error, verify that t

Why does your go kart stop running when it gets hot?

It depends but probably yes.   ----   It may be due to a vapor lock. This occurs when gasoline, either in the fuel line or in the carburetor turns into vapor. The vapor

Why 91 350 Chevy gets a knock when oil gets hot?

when you oil gets hot it tends to thin out. Say your using 5w-30 and when the engine gets warm it knocks it means either the oil is to thin or oil is not getting to that compo

What will cause a 1995 jeep wrangler to stop running when it gets hot?

This is a common problem for Cherokee's there is not enough ventilation for the engine, I had a friend buy aftermarket hood vents and cut them into the hood, The engine heat c