Why does water never occur in its pure state in nature?

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cuz of all the particles at the bottom and people throw stuff in it
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Differentiate natural water from pure water?

natural water can be found around you..in rivers, streams even underground water while pure water can rarely be found..if the water is pure it can dissolve lots of things

Why does pure water have a natural pH?

Pure water has a natural Ph due to the rate of dissociation to H+and OH- is equal to rate of association to form H2O. Pure water hasno free ions.

Does pure water exist naturally?

Water that is in the form of clouds is relatively pure, although it does contain some dissolved pollutants from the air. Probably the purest you could find is old glacial ice

Why do most elements not occur naturally in their pure state?

Most elements have what is known as a combining capacity, which means that they will combine with other elements - for example Iron ( Fe ) will gladly combine with Oxygen and

Why is iron never used in the pure state?

One reason is, ironwill naturally react with surrounding substances to form ores.Extracting the pure iron is often a difficult and expensiveprocess. Also pure iron can corrode

Does oxygen occur naturally in its pure form?

It depends on what you mean by the pure form of Oxygen. Air is about 20% Oxygen. It comes as a molecule of two atoms of oxygen tied together. The chemical formula is O₂ b