Why does the US Army exist?

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To serve the American people, protect enduring national interests, and fulfill the Nation's military requirements. (FM 6-22, Army Leadership)
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How do you get out of the us army?

If an Officer, you can resign. If enlisted, you would have to give 'GOOD' cause for seeking discharge. Help support family. Take care of elderly parent(s). OR confess to drug

Does J troop exist in the US Army?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n Question : Does Company J exist in the US ARmy. \n. \n Answer : The infantry division during WW2 contained 3 Infantry Regiments. Each Regiment cons

What does the US army do?

The US Army defends the United States and they help there allies they have control of the whole USA but of course to us there our freedom!

What is the US Army?

The US Army is tasked with the military operations based on theland. This is the main arm of the Armed Forces of the UnitedStates.

How many armies are in the US army?

The United States Army works as a single military force, and is not split up into smaller 'armies'. Rather, the Army is split up into companies, which are groups of platoons s

Why does the salvation army exist?

The Salvation Army is a Christian organisation meaning it is based on the beliefs of Christ and God so basically they exist because they believe helping people is the right th

Does the red army still exist?

The Red Army is the common name for the land forces of the SovietUnion. The Red Army ceased to exist as a formal entity due to thedissolution and break-up of the USSR in 1991.