Why does music have an effect on plants?

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No valid scientific evidence exists to show that music affects a plants growth.
No repeatable and controlled experiments have been carried out by any competent and qualified person.
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What Are The Effects Of Music?

Answer Music is the best thing in the world and nothing will evercompare to the things that music does to ones soul!!! NEVER!! I think classical is great for growth, but hard

Music effect in health of plants?

There have been proven scientific studies that happy, upbeat, even classical music do improve healthy growth of plants. It is also known that negative/ positive energy, ie moo

What are the effects of music on plants?

There are many different viewpoints on this. A selection of contributors' thoughts are included below. Answer 1: DOROTHY RETALLACK STUDY Many scientific studies have been

Does music have an effect on plant growth?

I had heard years ago about studies purporting that plants responded better to classical music than they did to rock music. The reality is, however, that no noticeable effect

Does heavy metal or Rap music effect the growth of a plant?

Indeed heavy metal does. If you ever watched episode 23 of Mythbusters then you would know that there were noticeable differences in plant growth - especially for the plants t

Do different types of music have an effect on plant growth?

Many scientific studies have been done regarding whether or not music has an effect on plants and, if so, which music affects plants in which ways. Many studies have sugges
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What effect plants?

the amount of sunlight, water, air tempature, where its located, animals that eat it.

How does effect as music?

Music has many different effects on us. For example, rock music may make us mean and nasty. Or country music may make us feel at home, and classical music can makae us tired.l