Why does a mother dog kill her own puppies at 5 weeks old?

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This is very abnormal behavior for a female dog. Potential causes include behavioral problems in the mother, frank starvation of the mother or major deformities in the puppies. Regardless of the cause, this female should not be bred again - spaying to prevent future pregnancies would be a good idea.
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What does a 5 week old puppy eat?

If the puppy is only 5 weeks old, it is most likely going to be drinking milk from it's mother. BUT, if it is away from it's mother, feed it wet food. You can get puppy wet fo

What if mother dog kills puppy?

wrong you have to separate them for a couple weeks or moths then see how it turns out put them back together if the mom try to kill one then you really need to call the vetena

What to feed a 5 week old puppy?

2nd Answer: At 5 weeks, you can use a good name brand of dry puppy food and soften it first by letting it sit in some warm water. Then give to the puppy as a softened gruel.

What will happen if mother dog gets pregnant from her own puppy?

Because the mother and puppy share much of the same DNA material, the chances that genetic diseases and deformities will appear are higher then when breeding two unrelated dog

Why would a mother show aggression toward her 5 week old puppies?

At five weeks old the puppies are getting old enough to be weened. She may just be telling them enough with the breast feeding already! Often a good mother will shut her pups