Why does Odysseus leave the men?

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There is storm and shipwreck. He ends up on an island.
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Who were the men traveling with Odysseus?

Most of the men traveling with Odysseus were men from Ithaca, either professional soldiers or conscripts for the war against Troy. After the end of the 10-year war, they were all veteran soldiers of war.

What do Odysseus' men do at Ismarus?

Odysseus' men plunder Ismarus, taking women, wine, and other booty. They spare Maron, the priest of Apollo, and treat him respectfully.

Who kills all of Odysseus' men leaving only Odysseus alive?

After Odysseus' men slaughter the cattle of Helios, Zeus smashes their ship with lightning, drowning all of Odysseus' men.

What was the character flaw that Odysseus showed as his men tried to leave the island?

What was the character flaw that Odysseus showed as his men triedto leave the island Odysseus became over confident. His arrogancewas the flaw that ultimately led to his losing everything.

What is the character flaw that Odysseus showed as his men tried to leave the island?

The character that Odysseus shows while leaving the Cyclops' island was arrogance. He boast abouts name and his form of nobility to try and make Polyphemus scared.. The character that Odysseus shows while leaving the Cyclops' island was arrogance. He boast abouts name and his form of nobility to try and make Polyphemus scared.

What favor does aeolus do for Odysseus and his men?

He gave them some hospitality for a month and then provided a westwind to carry them home. The problem was that he gave him a bag ofthe 4 winds. His crew thought it was treasure and opened it. Thatblew them back. Aeolus was the keeper of the winds and he bottled up a bag of windsfor Odysseus so he could reach Ithaca, his home, faster. Ulysses asked Aeolus to get him and his men home quickly andsafely.

What did Odysseus' men do to lord Helios?

they ate the cattle that they weren't suppose to. Odysseus was asleep and he blamed what his men did on the gods. When lord Helios found out he got Zeus to kill all of Odysseus' men I'm from florence sc, GO GAMECOCKS!!!!

How did circe treat Odysseus and his men?

In the Odyssey we learn about the epic adventures of the HeroOdyssey and his men when navigating through the seas. In histravels he once arrived to the island that was ruled by the GoddessCirce, his men were enchanted by her and turned into swine's, buthim got her love and favors. He stayed with her for one year. Afterhe has to leave to go back to his homeland, he does what she can tohelp him in his journey.

How did the cyclops feel about Odysseus and his men?

At first, Polyphemus sees Odysseus and his men as harmless delicacies. However, after he is blinded, he is enraged at Odysseus and his men, enough to curse them in the name of his father.

What do Odysseus and his men steal from the Cyclops?

They eat some of the cheeses that Polyphemus keeps in his cave. When they escape, they also take his sheep . sheep?

What dangers does Odysseus warn his men about?

The sirens, Charybdis, and the island of the sun. He did not, however, warn them about Scylla.

Why did Odysseus kill the men?

This depends on which men you are talking about. Most of the men Odysseus kills, he kills in war against the Trojans. Odysseus kills many fellow Ithacans for wooing his wife Penelope. There are also many men that Odysseus 'sacrifices', such as the 6 men he loses to Scylla.

Why does Odysseus have to force three of his men to leave the land of the lotus eaters?

The men who eat the lotus become very content and forget about returning home. They have to be dragged back to the ship by Odysseus so that they will not stay on the island forever, only desiring to eat lotus.

What did Odysseus and his men do with Elpenor's body?

The men cremated and buried Elpenor's body with his armor, marking his grave site with his oar.

What warning does Odysseus give his men?

In book 12 of the Odyssey, Odysseus warns his men; 'Listen to me, my comrades, brothers in hardship, let me tell you the dire prophecies of Tiresias and Aeaean Circe too: time and again they tole me to shun this island of the sun, the joy of man. Here, they warned, the worst disaster awaits us. Row straight past these shores-race our black ship on!'

What does Odysseus warn his men about?

He warned them to not eat the sun god's (Hyperion) cattle as there would be terrible consequences. They promised not to as they had plenty of food, but a storm hit and they were forced to stay on the island for a very long time. With fear of death due to hunger, while Odysseus was sleeping, the remaining men feasted on the cattle and all of there lives were ended by Hyperion.

Why do Odysseus' men ask to leave the island of Circe?

They wish to return home to Ithaca, and return to their family and friends. They make their request known after a year on the island.

How does polyphemus prevent Odysseus and his men from leaving his cave?

"But the Cyclops there, still groaning, racked with agony , groped around for the huge slab, and heaving it from the doorway, down he sat in the caves mouth, his arms spread wide, hoping to catch a comrade stealing out with sheep-- such a blithering fool he took me for." Robert Fagle's: The Odyssey page 224 between section 460 and 470

How did the sirens lure Odysseus and his men?

They would sing so sweetly and look like what you wanted the most that you couldn't resist to go there andd be eaten up by them

Why doesn't Odysseus listen to his men?

Because he has too much hubris and is way too curious about everything which gets him in trouble all the time.

How do the men of Odysseus' crew feel about him?

They felt mostly three things: admiration and untrustworthy of him they admired him very much, but they never listened to him, hence their death

How did Odysseus and his men get stuck with the cyclops?

Odysseus and his men willingly go to Polyphemus' cave, sacrifice and eat some of the cyclops' cheese, and wait for Polyphemus to return. When Polyphemus returns, he rolls a large boulder in front of the exit to the cave, trapping the men.

How did Odysseus' men die?

Many of them died in the Trojan war. 6 men were killed on each ship by the Cicons. 4 of the men were eaten by the cyclops Polyphemus. Many were killed in Lamus - Telepylus, the land of the Laestrygonians; only one ship survived. 1 fell off Circe's roof waking up there after he fell asleep on the rooftop while drunk. (Elpenor) 6 of them were snatched by Scylla as they passed her. The rest of the men (37-39) were killed when Zeus smashed their ship off of Thrinacia.

How do Odysseus' men disobey his orders?

After sacking Ismarus, Odysseus tells the men to return to the ship with their booty, but they do not comply. On the island of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus commands 3 men to go back to the ship, but they will not comply and have to be dragged back. After visiting Aeolus, keeper of the winds, his men, thinking there is treasure in the sack Aeolus gave to Odysseus, open it, unloosing the winds. After rowing hard passing Scylla and Charybdis, Odysseus orders his men to row on, but they refuse, forcing the ship to port at Thrinacia. When they had arrived on the island of Thrinacia, home of Lord Helios' immortal cattle, Odysseus made them promise to not do anything to the herd. At first they were able to keep that promise, but soon, because there was no wind, they were stranded on the island with no food and only the cattle to stare at. So of course, they betrayed Odysseus and attacked the cattle instead of listening to him. It ended up with the God Zeus punishing them with only Odysseus surviving.

Why does Zeus kill Odysseus' men?

Zeus destroys Odysseus' ship with a lightning bolt in retribution for his men killing the golden cattle of Helios . As a result, all of Odysseus men die, and Odysseus floats up on Ogygia, the only survivor.

How does Odysseus stand out from ordinary men?

He stands out from others because he is trustworthy, loyal, he has great wisdom, knowledge, and of coarse because he is the son of Laertes. Also he defeats many and he is a great leader.

Who tells Odysseus what Circe did to his men?

Eurylochus tells Odysseus what has happened to the other 22 men. He did not eat the food as he suspected danger, so he was able to avoid the spell and run back to safety.

When did Odysseus put his men in danger?

Odysseus is forced to put his men in danger in many situations, but specifically does so when they have to pass by Scylla, the sea monster.

How does Odysseus protect the men from the sirens?

Odysseus had the men stuff their ears with wax so they could not hear. He ordered the men to tie him up to the mast, and not release him until he stopped struggling. In this way, Odysseus acted as a signal showing the men when they were a safe distance past the sirens.

Where does Odysseus lose his men?

Odysseus loses many of his men in Troy . He loses 6 men from each ship in Ismarus to the Cicons. 4 of his men are eaten by the cyclops Polyphemus in Polyphemus' cave. He loses everyone not on his ship to the Laestrygonians in Lamus - Telepylus . 1, Elpenor, falls off Circe's roof . 6 are lost to Scylla . The rest die off of Thrinacia , when Zeus, destroys their ship.

What main problem did Odysseus have with his men?

The problem with Odysseus's men is that they admire him, but they don't listen to him.

Why does the cyclops feast on Odysseus' men?

Odysseus' men are meat, and thus tastier and more nutritious than goats' milk. The cyclops live as men where might makes right, and the cyclops are wild and solitary.

How does Odysseus endanger his men?

Odysseus leads his men into war against the Trojans. Later, he taunts the cyclops Polyphemus, causing Polyphemus to curse Odysseus. Still later, he leads his men into the underworld. Finally, he orders his men to sail past the Sirens, then Scylla.

How does Polyphemus kill Odysseus' men?

Polyphemus grabs two men, one man in each hand, and smashes their heads against the ground. He does this 3 times, killing 6 of Odysseus' best men.

How does Polyhemus prevent Odysseus and his men from leaving his cave?

He bloccks the entrance to the cave with a large rock. Don't forget he snacked on the men and said he'd eat Odysseus last because he gave him the wine....

What advice do Odysseus men give to him?

1) His men tell Oysseus to leave the Cyclop's cave before he comes back. 2) After they escape, Oysseus can't help but to yell back at Polyphemus. His men tell him to stop but, he continues.

Why do Odysseus and his men kill the cattle?

Basically, they were starving. Normally, when you starve, you find something to eat. In this case, there was a bunch of cattle. Put two and two together.

Why were Odysseus' men not afraid of Circe?

The wild animals around Circe's house were all tamed and docile. When the men first saw her, she was singing beautifully while weaving a web of fine, beautiful and radiant color. Circe came when the men called her, and she offered them food and drink.

How does Polyphemus meet Odysseus and his men?

Odysseus and his men wait in the cyclops cave, as Odysseus is curious as to who the cyclops is. As Polyphemus brings in his sheep, he spots the men in the cave.

What prevented Odysseus and his men from leaving the cave after the cyclops left for the day?

the cyclops lays with his hands out feeling everything that walks by, and there is a huge rock as the door so that the men cant move it

How did Odysseus get his men out of the cave?

he stabs the cyclops in the eye and then ties himself under the cyclopses sheep and they smuggle themselves out

Why were Odysseus' men turned into swine?

They fell under circies spell, Odysseus was able to resist, because of moly that was given to him by Hermes.

How does Odysseus sneak his men out of the cave?

He said his name was Nobody then he gave rum to the cyclops so he went to sleep then he sharpened a spear, heated it in the fire and stabbed the cyclops in the eye with it then he tied himself and his men underneath the sheep and sailed off and the cyclops yelled "Nobody has blinded me!" so the other cyclopses (cyclopi?) didn't think he ment someone had blinded him.

What does Odysseus and his men discover in the cave?

They Discover There Are Some Cyclops In The Cave Then He Said His Name Was Noman He Poked The Cyclops eye Wiff A Hot Stick & Now He blind & his Bros Asked Him Who Hurt him & He Said Noman So They Think The Gods Are Punishing Him I Kno This Cuz I Read Bout This In Ms.Suttons Class 1Period Well It Was In A Test:D

What did Odysseus try to put in his men?

Wax. To stop up their ears so that they could not hear the song of the sirens.

How does Odysseus and his men overcome the sirens?

Odysseus orders his men to tie him to the mast of the ship so he can hear the song if the sirens, and to not cut him loose whatever he say. He then orders the men to pit wax in their ears sobthey can't hear the sirens taunting them to their death

Why did Odysseus refuse to listen to his mens request to leave?

In the second book the men wanted to steal food from the cyclops and leave but odysseus wanted to see the cyclops. (bad choice)

Why did Odysseus have his men eat the lotus leaves?

He doesn't, he sends them to scout the island and then drags them back to the ship when they eat the fruit.

When Odysseus gave orders for the men to leave the cicone island all men listened and left promptly True or False?

False. On the island of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus commands 3 men to go back to the ship, but they will not comply and have to be dragged back.

How does Odysseus men treat him?

They treat him like a god they do what ever he asks them to do and always listen to him because he is their leader and he is more intelligent