Why does Judaism stress education?

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God himself commands us to educate our children (Deuteronomy 11). Without teaching our children, Judaism would die out quickly. In those countries where there were zero Torah-scholars, Judaism disappeared. One example of that is the Kaifeng community.
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What is the role of education in Judaism?

Who knows the wont tell me the answer i am stuck. But i think that it has a big role. especially in the men the think that is very important. So that you can read the Hebrew l

How did the education of Judaism spread?

Judaism was spread by the repeated expulsion of Jewish people from places where they had lived. Wherever they went, they took their Judaism with them. The people who helpe

Why did Joseph Stalin stress the importance of education?

Stalin enforced education because he needed the kids in school to grow up and continue with the communist ideas, he needed intelligent workers. he influenced you children and

What are judaism beliefs about education?

Education is central to Judaism. The fundamental commandment comes from the most important Jewish prayer, the Shema (pronounced "sheh-mah"), found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, where

What does Judaism stress?

Judaism stresses many things, such as (in no particular order): . life . interpersonal relationships . social justice . tikkun olam (making the world a better place) .
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What is the stressed syllable for educate?

Educate is stressed on the first syllable. A simple way of testing which syllable is stressed is by saying the word aloud. Look for the syllable that you naturally emphasise m
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Why is education so important in Judaism?

Because the jews represent most of their life into education,meaning that they need to be educated in the torah and prophets andhow to use or not use money or eat pork.