Why do you need a ventilation system?

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Ventilation provides a way for stale or contaminated air to leave a relatively enclosed space and for fresh, clean air to enter.

If you are doing something that releases hazardous materials into the air, ventilation is one way to clean them out and prevent their hurting people. Even if hazardous materials are not present, ventilation removes or dilutes odors associated with many people being in a closed space, making being there less annoying.

What's a Home ventilation system?

Answer . brings in fresh air, allowes the home to be heated or cooled, cslled ducts, or pipes,

Do speakers need ventilation?

Not ventilation per say. but it needs an opening for the simple fact when it moves back and forth the same air transfers is coupled to the back too. without it it may resonate

Does the wave ventilation system work?

I have had mine for a bout a year now. I think it works well. Prior to installation, I had my dehumidifier running constantly. Now I do not use one at all. Only problem is tha

Why do you need ventilations in a workshop?

These are very important because without these, working will inhale different things that can be harmful or cause illnesses. Such things as dust, paints, and asbestos, smoke a

Why do multi-cellular organisms need a ventilation system?

A ventilation system is needed in order to obtain oxygen for living organisms and to get rid of carbon dioxide. Surface diffusion utilized by many smaller organisms is not suf

When is ventilation needed in a drain?

When you poop it clogs up your toilet. Venting is required on all waste, soil ,chemical and acid waste systems.. Vent is not required on storm water in most cases

Why do humans need a ventilation system?

Humans, along with all animals, need fresh air to breath. If ahuman were to be placed in a room that was not ventilated,eventually all the oxygen in the room would be used up