Why do you lose your sense of taste when you have a cold?

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Because the sensation of taste is closely tied to your sense of smell. The combination of your taste buds and the smell of food is what makes your brain recognize a taste. When you have a cold, your nose gets clogged and you can't smell as well as you normally can, so in your head, foods don't taste the same because you're not getting the normal amount of "taste information" from your nose"

This is also why people hold their nose when eating something they don't like and why inhaling when you're eating spicy food makes them seem spicier.
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If you lose your sense of smell do you lose your sense of taste?

The senses of smell and taste are closely interrelated, and one definitely does affect the other to some extent. Although they are extremely closely related you will not loos

When do you lose your sense of taste?

Your sense of taste is connected to your ability to smell. If your nasal passages are blocked, lets say because of a cold or the flu, your ability to taste will be impaired.

Can you lose your sense of taste after you have a tonsillectomy?

Yes, it is possible. Two things can contribute to this: 1.) During the surgery they will pry your mouth open (and when I say pry, I mean pry) with a metal device. They're rat

Why is the sense of taste affected by a cold?

The sense of smell and taste are closely intertwined. When nasal congestion occurs during a cold, the taste you have can be affected to where you can only have the base tastes
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Would you like to lose your sense of taste?

No reasonable person would like to lose their sense of taste. They would no longer be able to taste the smoked salmon they long for or the escargot they never dared to try.

If you lose your sense and taste is it serious?

previous answer: "Ummm, why even ask that? it's not normal and it's not supposed to happen. i suggest you see a doctor ASAP." Anyways, I guess losing your taste wouldn't be