Why do women play hard to get even though men know they will eventually get them?

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Men and women BOTH play hard to get and they like it because of the chase and the intrique. Its a natural part of courting. By the way not all men "get them" women just let them think that especially the ones that get them to buy them stuff... haha
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Why do women go back to the men who cheat on them even when they know better?

women go back to men who have cheated on them because women believe them when they say they wont cheat again (1nc a cheater always a cheater) nd that men are irraplacible.

Why does a guy play love tactics with you even though he knows you love him?

Answer . \nIt could be for reassurance sometimes even when we know someone loves us we tend to play Love tactics because we know the person loves us but we just like to ke

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\n. \n Approaching a Model \n. \nConfidence... Most models have it and you need to have it, too! Don't come on too hard though, as that can be a major turn-off. Be you

Do men like it when women play hard to get?

It is well known that most men like the thrill of the chase. Thatbeing said, it is safe to say that some men like it when women playhard to get. It means that they get a rush

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Women wear skirts while playing tennis because it has become a tradition over the years to do so. When tennis was first played women wore skirts, so it just stuck with the sp

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Of course they do! men really care for the women they love, i mean, it really matters to a man if her girlfriend or wife is feeling good, otherwise he feel bad too, well, if t
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Should women really play hard to get with men?

No. That is the dumbest thing. Obviously it depends on the guy and what he is willing to put up with. Being totally available all the time isn't necessarily the way to go, but