Why do the members of the annex have just five ration cards and no extra coupons and no fats?

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because they had ran out of  florins

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What is a ration card?

During World War II, many supplies that we take for granted were invery short supply, mostly because they were needed by the military.Gasoline, tires, butter, and many other g

What were ration coupons?

Rations are a fixed allowence of provisions or food. So ration coupons allowed you to purchase food or anything needed, but in moderation.

What were the Ration Coupons?

Rastion coupons were used during war time due to scarce food conditions. coupons were issued to families depending on number in family. coupons were for food substance and mea

What does extra fat do?

Makes you heavier, cushions you, helps insulate you from heat loss, changes your body shape. Too much is bad for you

What was War ration coupons?

War ration coupons were coupons used during world war two and they were considered money. You would use them to buy your food, but because the food levels were so low, you cou

What was purchased with ration coupons?

clearinghouse pots were orderedto linda birdsong 4 weeks ago with coupons sent to me for 400.00 off and i sent a check for 89.00 i received a letter saying i would have to pay

What are rationing coupons?

rationing coupons were copons used during world war 1 and 2. they were used so that everone would get their fair share.also because we were in short supply so the government s

How much coupons did you have in rationing?

The coupons or stamps or rationing cards all varied according to the recipient of the ration card. Children each received their own card. They were able to get more milk, dair

What were Ration Coupons and why did people have them?

Ration coupons are paper documents indicating the amount of a certain item that the coupon holder is entitled to. Ordinarily, these documents are provided to the general popul

Why were ration coupons used?

Ration coupons were used to ensure there was an even as possible distribution of the limited goods during (primarily) times of war, and also so that there would be enough of s