Why do people wear clothes for protection?

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Why should you wear protective clothing?

You should wear protective clothing because you could easily hurt yourself e.g: builders have to wear helmets to protect them from anything falling on them.

Why is it important to wear protective clothing in the kitchen?

sayed thinks its too stop germs or potentially harmful substances from getting onto the skin. obviously if your touching messy things like excrement so it doesnt touch you. al

Why do beekeepers need to wear protective clothing?

Beekeepers wear protective clothing so they will not be stung. One or two stings is annoying and painful, but large numbers of stings can be fatal. When you are working around

Why do food handlers wear protective clothing?

This is done to protect Food from being contaminated. There are bacteria everywhere on our hands, our hairs etc.. protective clothing such as hair net, masks etc. are means to

What protective clothing does bee keepers wear?

The absolute minimum should be a veil to protect your face and in particular your eyes, nose, ears and mouth. If you are thinking of taking up beekeeping, then I would advise

What protective clothing do firefighters wear?

The personal protection equipment (PPE) worn by firefighters varies according to the conditions and the types of fires. Wildfire PPE is very different from structure fire PPE

Why people wear clothes for protection?

T he most obvious answer that springs to mind is probably protection. Indeed, clothing does provide protection for the human body, from warming us in the winter to protecting