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Why do people wear clothes but animals don't?

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The reason that people wear clothes is obviously to cover are privates and to illistrate out personalities. When it comes to animals thoug, the reason that they don't wear clothes is because they don't have the comon sence that is needed to make clothes. (this may be contriversal to some. it is not ment to affend anyone)

Well this is coming from a religious guy but if you believe in God i should explain when Adam and Eve were first created by God they were like animals they didn't where clothes and didn't know they should where clothes like animals but the devil who talked through a snake and told them to eat fruit from a tree that God told them not to eat from but the snake tempted them to eat it so they did and well they gained some kind of human intelligiance that well let them know they were naked so they started wearing clothes and now the fruit thing has been passed down for generations so now only humans know to wear clothes unless your a dog or something and your owner puts clothes on you or something lol
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Why don't people wear clothes?

If you'd look around a little, you'll realize that most people do  wear clothes most of the time.

Why do people wear clothes made out of animals but never out of humans?

Dude, that question is disgusting. And first of all you would have to kill a human, which is ageist the law, and It would get you in major trouble with God. Then you would hav

Why don't dogs wear clothes?

Because dogs do not need to. Dogs come with exactly the right equipment for the environment they are meant to live in. In some cases, a dog may need to wear a fleeced or water

Why don't nudists believe in wearing clothes?

Firstly, the act of not wearing clothes is making yourself vulnerable, or about letting your perception guard down. Secondly, it is about enjoying life, being yourself and bei

Why don't sumos wear clothes when wrestling?

Without real clothes, the Sumo wrestlers have more room to move about, and therefore, making it easier to tackle opponents. The thing they wear just covers them, and they are
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Why don't you have to wear your own clothes to sch?

I'll tell you why. Its because teachers hate you and they want to make the 13 years of your school life as boring and dull as it is currently possible.... that and how are you
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Is there a place where you don't have to wear clothes?

Yes, there are many beaches where you don't have to wear clothes.We have 2 near where I live - and believe me some people are prettyugly when naked !