Why do people hate California people?

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They do not. Most people I know love Californians
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Why do people hate?

The reason most people hate is because they are jealous that you have something better than they do. So instead of working towards getting what you have they hate against you.

What to do if people hate you?

I'm living through it too but like theres like 3 but like another girl who is nice to me was being mean just now. and im not a dork or anything but like the truth is who cares

Why do people hate me?

People probably hate you have unpleasant characteristic trait. For example you might be rude, selfish, unpleasant to look at, loud, or pushy. I know how this feels, and let me

Why do you hate people?

Ours is a difficult species, capable of both very good and very bad behavior, sanity and insantiy, kindness and cruelty, honesty and dishonesty, generosity and selfishness. So

Why do people hate you?

if you even have to put this down it is probably because you are a mean snotty person and i am being nice or because you are a smart person who thinks they know it all but if

Why do people to hate?

they hate because they don't have nothing going for themselves,they hate for reasons.

Why are people hateful?

ANSWER: I don't think all people are hateful. Maybe some because of their unfortunate life and feelings. If you are talking about feelings, some do because they feel betraye

How do you hate people?

it's an emotion you hate them or you dont you cant choose that the enotion come by itself

Why do people do what they hate to do?

if you know it's wrong and you do it anyways but deep down inside your just doing it to just do it as a job everyday then hell yeah you''ll hate it. you shouldn't like it.

Why are people hated?

People are hated for many reasons, maybe they aren't nice, or annoying, or maybe people are just jealous of them.