Why do normal body cells undergo mitosis?

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So they can grow and divide to make up all the cells, tissues, and organs that make up the human body. Also, cells will undergo mitosis to repair an area of the body in which tissue is damaged, such as a cut. Since the cut is an open wound, and the skin has been seperated, the cells that once made up the cells in the originally unbroken skin have been "killed", so to say. They're gone for good. But the body wants to repair this area and make the body whole again, so it produces new cells, which will become skin cells, and these cells grow and divide as necessary for the process of mitosis so that they can fill up the space and heal the cut.
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What types of cells are in your body are no longer undergoing mitosis?

The only cells in the human body which don't divide are the brain cells. However in reality the sex cells do not go through mitosis either as they divide twice to ensure th