Why do football players wear armbands on their biceps?

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Those narrow straps are to prevent tendinopathy. By taking some of the load off the muscles and tendons near their attachment points they reduce the likelihood of tearing, particularly of the triceps tendon when falling on the hands. Physical therapists give these to the players to prevent lateral and medial epicondylitis and outright rupture injury and keep them in the game with less pain. That and alot of people, my self included where it because it looks good.
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Why do football players wear armbands?

Bands that are worn the wrist are for sweating. Most football players, tennis players, etc. will also wear tight bands around their elbows because with repeated stress the ten

What are the black armbands on football players' upper arms?

According to the New York Times article (see related links below), the armbands are nothing more than the current fashion trend with the purpose of showing off their upper arm

Why do football players wear bands around bicep?

The arm-bands are miniature playbooks. They have the name of certain plays and the specific instructions for the player's position. This keeps the players from having to memor