Why do bikers wear one spur?

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It is a tradition brought over from the Cavalry. A single spur is worn on the right boot in remembrance of a fallen Brother.

Some riders are also members of The Order of the Spur, a tradition in the US Cavalry in which a Trooper is awarded his Combat Spurs after engaging in combat or completing a Spur ride.
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Why do bikers wear the Maltese Cross?

If bikers are wearing it its not a Maltese cross, its an iron cross, a symbol made popular by the chopper (motorcycle) generation in America back in the sixties. :)

What is the meaning of giving a single spur to the survivor at a funeral of a biker?

Giving a spur to a survivor is a biker's tradition of honoring a fallen friend or loss of a loved one. Here is a presentation given at a friend's funeral (copied from a pla

Why do bikers wear the swastika?

A very small percentage of white bikers who wear swastikas do so because they are racist (usually not Anti-Semitic though). A slightly larger percentage do so because there

Why do some bikers were 1 spur?

The myth supposedly began back in the days of the American Calvary. When a soldier would die, after his burial his comrades would take his boots and face them backwards in the

What does it mean when a biker wears one spur on one boot?

I've heard two deffrent story's told.One is it's a brotherhood thing between to biker's and they ware it on there left boot.and the secount one is they have a 100 thousand mil

Can a loner biker wear the one percent patch without repercussions from a one percent club?

Yes, but there will be consequences. Being a lone rider you shouldn't have too many confrontations with other 1%ers. I don't. But I don't push. I steer clear of all groups of

Do bikers wear earrings in their left ear?

That's like asking what ear do warriors or pirates wear theirjewelry. We wear rings, studs etc in either or both ears andsometimes multiple rings in one ear. Which one doesn't
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Where can one purchase a biker wallet?

Biker wallets can be purchased at many different online websites. Some of these websites include Harley-Davidson, LeatherUp, Biker Wallets, Amazon, and eBay.