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Why do I have sharp pain below my knee on the front outside of my leg when kneeling?

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That my friend is likely a disk herniation at the L3/L4 disk. Where the bulge is depends on the leg you're feeling the pain in. Right leg- right side, Left leg, left side.

The lumbar spinal nerves have specific pathways from our spine and down the legs. Sharp pain in specific areas can be traced back to the root disk causing the problem. It's likely you can feel the pain in the nerve going down the side of your leg as well.

If you're still able to walk without pain, then it probably isn't that bad; the trick is to not make it any worse. You should get an MRI to confirm it regardless, but that usually takes a few days to schedule and by the time you get there it could be retracted back into the disk membrane again and you'll look like an idiot when there's nothing to see on the pictures.

First thing you need to do is stop bending and kneeling - nothing can be worse for you other than sitting down. Right now it's probably not that bad, but it doesn't take much to really rupture it. I've literally bent over to pick up a pen on the floor and wound up flat on the floor when my disk completely herniated at L4. I have serious back problems so I've dealt with this for a long time (3 spinal fusions the past 12 years). You really need to nip this in the bud to keep it from getting worse. Realistically though, if the pain hasn't subsided after a week-10 days, get to your doctor and get pics taken.

There are some OTC meds you can take to reduce the inflammation:

Bayer Back and Body Aspirin - my favorite when I don't feel like using Percocet ( and I use a lot of it)
Tylenol Rapid Release Gel-tabs - my 2nd favorite. Works fast too.
Aleve - Aleve is Naproxen in buffered, non-prescription form. Prescription dose is 500mg, every 6-8 hours. It takes a bit longer to work, but once it does it's great for keeping the inflammation down.

Other than that, don't lay on your back, don't sit down (when you can avoid it, lay on your side). Laying down or sleeping, lie in a fetal position, with a pillow or cushion between your knees/thighs to reduce pressure on the spine and hips. Heat works great too - Salonpas patches (Wal-Mart has 'em), or even Hothands heat packs work good for heat. For moist heat, you can't beat a Thermophore pad (Thermophore.com).

If you must lie on your back, raise your legs by putting cushions under them so they're above your head.

I've added links below to 2 of my favorite sites for Pain and Spinal issues you should look at as well.
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