Why do British people lose their accents when they sing?

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It's a complex issue, not easily explained in print, rather than with vocal examples, but here's a start. Accents show up largely in (1) the rhythms and tempo of speech; (2) voice quality; (3) the "melody" of speech, the musical pitches, a feature known as "intonation."
First the matter of intonation. If you speak English, then you know that your voice goes up in pitch for a question and down for a statement. Such patterns of intonation occur not only at the end of a sentence but all the way through our speech, and they differ from language to language and dialect to dialect. Because singing forces the melody pattern to comply with the music, the nuances of intonation disappear.
Next, voice quality, a second marker of accent. Singers tend to use a voice that accommodates musical skills rather than the voice qualities characteristic of a language or a dialect. Therefore, the vocal marker of a language or a dialect is masked, or even lost. Finally rhythms. As with voice quality and intonation, the rhythms and tempo are dictated by the music, and in singing, those markers are entirely lost. Note that some cultures have music that matches and reflects their spoken rhythms, their intonation patterns, and their voice qualities. But a Brit singing "Western" music will lose the identifying markers of accent.  Punks don't.
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How do you lose an accent?

Answer . Listen carefully and imitate the speech of native speakers around you. Take an accent improvement class. Practice. Give it time.

Why do british people sound American when they sing?

Because they like how it sounds. I don't buy this but 50%. Maybe less. Let's look at some of the up-n-coming 60's brit bands trying to make it big. Beatles: you can detect a prominant british accentuation (is that other a-hole poster gonna correct me here as well?) in a few of their songs....most tho....not so much. Hermans Hermits (these f***ing a*smuppets should have been buried in a landslide somewhere) EVERY SONG these a**holes did was with a cockney accent... WHY???? And look where it got them. Could they help it? Did Peter Noone sing this way on purpose? What I mean is, if singing American-Style was the key to the Money/Fame machine, why didn't Herman & his douchery follow suit? Dave Clark 5 : almost same as above , but somehow MORE tolerabow (that would be >tolerable< spoken in cocney) Stones: No Cockney, No Brit inflections & they ARE the kings The Bloody "OO (Who): same as above.....just not as epic as R.S. EDIT: apparently someone named dingobot thinks my post is somehow gibberish you no speakanzee anglais dingo? what don't you get''........(mebbe above your paygrade.......methinks)

Why do british people have accents but Americans don't?

Americans do, in fact, have accents; just not to other Americans from the same area. If you sound different in dialect to someone else, and pronounce words differently than others, then it's likely you have an accent; in this case, everyone in the world has an accent.

Do British people make fun of Americans in American accents?

Yes, as there are people everywhere that immitate countrys accents and make fun of them. Answer The British have a long history of poking fun at almost everything. For an allegedly pompous race they have a remarkable sense of humour, much funnier than American slapstick. The British, unlike Americans, are happy to laugh at themselves, and the British will poke fun at Americans as happily as they poke fun at themselves. Of course, Americans give British comedians a lot to work with.

Can British People Fake An American Accent?

Of course. There are certain languages that make a person more adequate to do other languages accents but yes they can. Take the example of Hugh Laurie. He is the actor that plays Dr. House in the homonym show. He's British. You can also check his British accent in the Stuart Little movies. He plays the father. It's hard but possible.

I'm from the US- why do I sing with a British accent?

Many American music teachers and choral directors promote some pronunciations that are more typical of British speech. In a chorus, it is always preferable to have everyone following some standard and so pronouncing things the same way, instead of having five different sounds for the same word at the same time. Some elements of British will come across sounding better. For example, a quick flipped "r" between two vowels lets both vowels have the maximum allowable time while still getting the "r" in to insure that the meaning is clear. Certain words (such as "laugh") are often pronounced with a more open vowel in British than in American, creating a more resonant sound in singing.

Why do British people think Americans have accents?

Americans do have accents, British people do have accents. When one has a different way of speaking than another then it is noticed. When a British person hears an American person speaking, the American does have an accent to the Brit. Answer Everyone has an accent! That's how British people know that you are Americans, and how you know that they are British! Strange question!!

Why don't people have an accent when they sing?

Some people do have an accent while they sing, for example "Camille" ( a french singer) does have a slight accent when she sings in English. As a whole however, the act of singing is essentially talking and stretching out the vowel sounds. In most languages, vowel sounds are universal; so when they are stretched and modified with pitch, they often lack culturally induced inflections. Singing also relies heavily on consonant sounds, leaving less room for dips in tone or clipping of syllables giving music a more universal sound) Other songs commonly sung with accents include . "Loch Lomen" - A Scottish folk song . "Electricity" - Billy Elliot the Musical . "Donkey Riding" - A Newfie Folk Song

How did the British get their accents?

There are hundreds of British accents and they originated where people lived and worked. Before WW2 in Britain,people did not move around a lot and many local dialects and accents thrived and still existed in rural areas into the 1970's.

Are british people born with accents?

we're born making baby noises that resemble the sounds around us, when we start to make longer sounds that resemble words and also resemble details of pronunciation that we've heard and the accent begins.

Where do people speak with a British accent?

There is actually no such thing as a British accent. There is an English accent, a Scottish accent, an Irish accent, or a Welsh accent.  These are generally spoken within their own countries (English in England, Scottish in Scotland, etc.). However, people all over the world may have a breed of a British accent because either they are immigrants themselves or they picked it up from their family. 

Why do british singers loose their accents when they sing?

Most singers at least partially "lose" their accents when they sing, especially classically trained singers. This is mainly because most singers are taught to use "pure vowels" when singing and to more precisely enunciate consonants, which makes their diction when singing clearer and easier to understand while reducing their dialect or accent.