Why did sesame street replace cookie monster with vegetable monster?

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They didn't replace cookie monster at all: some reporters went berserk over the song "cookie is a sometimes food". they claimed it was cookie monster's new song. What they didn't pay attention to was the fact that it was Hoots who sang it, not cookie monster, and the fact that at the end, cookie monster yells "NOW is sometimes!" and eats a cookie.
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What does cookie monster teach in sesame street?

Originally he was just a monster who enjoyed cookies and demonstrated stuff like "slow" and "fast". When parents complained about child obesity from cookie monster's habits, t

How old is Cookie Monster on Sesame Street?

Cookie Monster, in two early versions (one monstrous), appeared asearly as 1966. But as the familiar blue Muppet, he ate his firstmeal (the letter W, not a cookie) on the firs

Was the cookie monster Sesame Streets idea?

Not exactly. Jim Henson developed a kind of proto-Cookie Monster (with teeth) for a snack food called "Wheels"... the monster was called the "Wheel-Stealer." The commercial