Why did Chuck Knoblauch leave the Twins?

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He was traded to the New York Yankees for minor league players; Brian Buchanon (fright field) along with future all-stars Eric Milton (starting pitcher) and Cristian Guzman (shortstop).
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What happened to Chuck Knoblauch?

\n. \nBeing a Minnesota Twins fan, I have often wondered the same thing. As far as I can tell he is out of pro baseball altogether. You have to wonder if he has turned down

Why did Chuck Knoblauch leave the New York Yankees?

Answer . Chuck Knoblauch became a free agent after the 2001 season and the Yankees decided not to sign him. His performance continued to decline after the 1999 season. Hi

What is Chuck Knoblauch doing now?

Chuck Knoblauch has been in retirement from Major League Baseball.The most recent news about Knoblauch came when he assaulted hisex-wife in July of 2014.

What is Chuck Knoblauch famous for?

Chuck Knoblauch (Real name "Edward Charles Knoblauch") is a retired Major League Baseball player, and is famous for a successful Major League Baseball career. His debut was in