Why did Barney the Dinosaurs show go off air?

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Child molestation charges
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Did the show The Swan go off the air?

Yes, both seasons aired in 2004. Due to low ratings and extremecriticism, the show was cancelled. Critics said it sent the wrongmessage.

Did Barney the dinosaur actor go to jail?

Yes he did 1. For punching the producer 2. for snorting cocaine in the Barney suit 3. he was smuggling drugs, and giving to the kids that were on the show.

What tv shows is going off the air?

i know three shows going off TV firstly the tribe is going off because they never filmed season six and chowder is going off TV and also gems is going off TV

When did Barney and friends go off air?

I don't believe that it is off the air because my daughter still watch's it sometimes. But it looks like there not airing anything new the last episode I believe was Sep, 2009