Why did Adolf Hitler get so mad at Jews and try to take over Europe?

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First of all: Hitler did not "get so mad at the Jews" the reason he put them is concentration camps was for free labor. If they were weak or too young/old to work, they were killed. They also got killed just for no reason by beating etc, but this was the main reason why they were killed. Second: I agree with the answer above, that he did blame them for WWI Third: What does any ruler want? power

Adolf Hitler, had attachment disorders. He also was a orphan in his teens. It is also noted he hated Jews because his artwork was denied in Vienna, he claimed some were Jewish, although none were.


The premise is wrong; Hitler did want to take over Europe, Hitler wanted his lands to be free of Jews. The want to get rid of the Jews did not drive him into invading countries. Political ideology did however drive him into invading the Soviet Union.

It must be added that Hitler did not simply hate the jews, he murdered the jews for political reasons. He blamed them (incorrectly) for losing world war 1, and essentially for the economic depression that Germany was in. They were his scapegoats. The german people fell for his excuses and the horror of the holocaust followed.
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How did Hitler take over Europe?

Hitler used blitzkrieg tactics, invasion tactics, air bombing methods and basic deception. He tricked countries into signing nonaggression pacts he had not intention of honori

Why did the Jews try to escape from Adolf Hitler?

Answer . The Jews were trying to escape from Adolf Hitler because Hitlers political party - the NAZI Party which had come to power in Germany held the belief that the Jews

Why did adolf hitler try to kill all the jews?

basically because he could not do anything else with them. He had created a situation where he had concentrated millions of Jews into a corner of Poland and there was not enou

Why did Adolf Hitler get so mad and try to take over Europe?

Hitler got so mad because his wife Eva Braun had just died and he also wanted to beat the race of getting the most land before the war ended, so he was under a lot of pressure

What made Adolf Hitler mad about the Jews?

He wasn't mad at them, and neither were the Germans. After WW2, the Germans just wanted a scapegoat to blame for their problems. Although, after awhile, the Germans were able

Why did Adolf Hitler get so mad at the Jews?

Adolf Hitler wanted the Germans to be a supreme race. When (he thought) the Jews made them lose the war, he got angry because he thought the Jews were better than the Germans.

Was Adolf Hitler mad at the Jews for no reason?

Yes and No. Hitler certainly had reasons, but they are not rationalor based in any sort of historical truth. To read about why Hitler hated the Jews, please see the RelatedQu

Why did Adolf Hitler try to exterminate the Jews?

Because he needed someone to blame after Germany's economic downfall (see Related Link for more info), and the Jews fit the bill. The Germans as a whole had hated them for cen

Why did Hitler take over Jews?

He wanted a utopia which included white people with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a hippocrite since he had brown eyes and brown hair.

Why and how Hitler was able to take over Germany and threaten the freedom of Jews throughout Europe?

Hitler was able to take power of Germany and get everyone to bow down to him and able to eliminate 35% of the worlds Jewish population by a matter or patterns. It goes back f

Why didn't Adolf Hitler succeed in taking over Europe?

There are actually a couple of reasons. The first was that he didn't trust his closest advisors to make decisions and some of his decisions such as attacking Russia prematurel

Why did Hitler take over Europe?

He had many reasons including: completing WW1 with Germany winning,racial reasoning (Aryan superiority over all other races), round upand exterminate the Jews (which he believ