Why are some girls nipples pink?

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How do you get pink nipples?

Some people have them, some people don't. You can;t make your nipples pink if they aren't naturally that colour.

Why are some nipples pink and some brown?

Sometimes it depends on your skin color like pink is for white people and brown is for darker skin or black people. But it is also depends on your weight to sometimes and it m

Why don't some girls have nipples?

All humans, both male and female, have nipples. The only way a person will not have nipples is if they have been surgically removed. If someone should be born without nipples

What is in a pink nipple cocktail?

1.0 Cherry 4.0 oz Ice 2.0 oz Irish Cream 1.0 oz Rum 3.0 oz Strawberry syrup . Directions:. Blend syrup, rum, ice and cream to a blender. Places mixture into a glass
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How do you make nipples pink?

I've saw online that there's a bleaching cream.specifically made for private parts called southbeach bleaching cream . If it can safely bleach a chicks vajayjay. Then its safe
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Why do blond people have pink nipples?

It doesn't go by hair colour. It goes by skin colour. If you're a pale-medium fair skin, they are more than likely pink/peachish. If you are below medium fair, then they wil