Why are some dogs police dogs?

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Because they have the correct temperament and abilities

What is the best police dog breed?

It depends on what they are used for.. A tracking dog - bloodhound. Detection dog - Labrador. patrol (bite dog) - Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, or German Shepherd. Usu

How many police dogs are in the world?

There are too many police organizations in the world using police dogs to make any sort of accurate estimate of the total number of police dogs working in the world.

Can golden retrievers be police dogs?

Yes but they probably wouldn't be employed in riot control. Probably they'd go in for drug detection or be an assistant type - like belle in F B eyes. . probably not Yes, the

What do police dogs do?

Police dogs are well trained to smell or find anything which are not good for the society. They are very helpful to the policemen by finding thieves or detecting bombs. Police

How does a police man work with police dogs?

Dogs who work as police dogs are highly trained. The officer typically gets his dog as a puppy and is tremendously involved in dog-handler training. Working dogs are considere

Were labs police dogs or bird dogs?

Do you mean first? "Bird dogs" may have been the golden retriever (bred to fetch hunters birds). * It is more common to see German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Doberman pin

Are there any police dogs?

Usually police will have a kaynin to help them with searching butusually it'll be a German Shepard.

Can a Doberman be a police dog?

Yes, they do use them but not often. Unlike the Shepherd wit his excellent sense of smell the Dobermann does not and so isn't used as often. They prefer to stay near an owner

What can a police dog do that regular dogs can't?

The most obvious answer, for me, is that police dogs can respond consistently and quickly to commands. Police dogs also know their chain of command: they are not dominant. Dep