Why are redheads attractive to me?

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it differs from person to person. For some it is natural to get attracted with redheads.
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How rare are redheads?

Red heads are pretty rare since only about 2 percent of the humanpopulation has red hair. People of western and northern Europeanancestry are the ones with the highest occurre

What are myths about redheads?

A common belief about redheads is that they are fiery-tempered.Other myths include redheads having no souls and that all of themcome from Ireland.

Why are you a redhead?

why? umm cause your parents have that color hair in there genes. so now you have it

Was Cleopatra a redhead?

We don't really know her hair color, just as we don't know her eye color. When Hellenistic busts were found, purporting to be Cleopatra, all their surface paint had worn off.

Why date a redhead?

It doesn't matter what colour hair that person has. it depends on what they are like and if you like them for who they are and not for what colour hair they have. People shoul

Do redheads have powers?

No, readheads do not have any special powers. They just have different colored hair than people with blond hair, black hair, or brown hair.

Are redheaded guys like me less attractive than other guys?

Ehh, red-headed guys aren't AS attractive but it really depends. Personallity is what really matters but sadly we all really care more about what people look like on the outsi