Why a fast bowler takes a long start while bowling?

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How long does a bowling game with two bowlers last?

It takes around 15 minutes for one bowler to bowl one game. Two bowlers can bowl one game in 30 minutes. Less if they bowl a lot of strikes and longer if they don't. might be

Can you take medication while fasting?

Usually the answer is yes. HOWEVER, this should be discussed with your physician PRIOR to the test or procedure. There are many medications that could skew test results or ad

If a bowler bowls a cricket ball at 90 miles per hour how long will it take to get to the batsmen?

just over half a second I refer you to the answer on this site by apepper to a similar question regarding a bowler reaching 65mph rather than 90mph; "Its not possible to

How long does a bowling game with 5 bowlers last?

It depends on several factors: are they bowling on one lane or two? What is their pace of play like, what skill level are they? But roughly five bowlers on a single lane shoul

How do fast bowlers take wickets?

Long Answer: A fast bowler does not take wickets on his own. It requires the whole team (especially for the batsman to be caught out or stumped). As a fast bowler it is import