Why a baby cries while borning?

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the doctor makes them cry to see if they can breathe properly
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Is it free to get a paternity test after the baby is born while in the hospital?

Answer . Hospitals charge you for everything with the exception of the air you breath (and they just might consider that one too! LOL) Although the process of taking blood and testing the genetics as to who the father is, it's still an expensive test and here in Canada it's approx $1200 for that test to be done. Prices may vary. If you have a family doctor talk to him/her and see what your alternatives are.\n. \nGood luck\nMarcy

Will it hurt baby while you run?

depends on how pregnant you are... in the early months no... excercise is good for the bay, because it is good for you.. when you start getting big you should chill on the running, take up yoga or walking or Swimming :)

What to do when a very yong newly born old baby boy won't let anyone hold him but his mom and cries when she tries to let go?

as a mom of 2 boys, I know that you need to let other people hold him as much as possible. Leave the room while they do so when you can so that he can get use to other people. Otherwise you are looking at some very tough years ahead of you when it comes to separation anxiety and your son. Do it now or you will regret it later!!!. or you can just slap it round the face really hard.

What should you do if your boyfriend who lives with you shouts at your baby everytimes it cries and kicks over the crib while the baby's in it and threatins you if you say you're going to the police?

You should do what you said, go to the police and kick him out or leave! This will save your babies life! Are you kidding? What part of his behavior should be tolerated? Do something now or you will regret it, your baby and you could be in serious danger.

What do you do when a baby cries every time his caregiver leaves the room?

There are a couple of things you can do when a baby cries everytime his caregiver leaves the room. You could for example let himcry it out.

Can babies smile while in your womb?

I think they can smile.I am 37 weeks and i saw my baby smile whileperforming ultrasound.

Why do people make loud cries while practicing martial arts?

The cry is called a 'kia' in martial arts. There are a number of reasons that it is done. It is often greatly overdone in some competitions. . It can scare the opponent and unnerve them . It helps focus energy and power . The tightening of the chest and abdomen can help protect against blows

Can you nurse a baby while you are pregnant?

Yes. But I would gradually wean the nursing baby, as the growing fetus will take a lot out of you.

If a baby is born outside the US while parents are on vacation are they US citizens?

For babies that are born outside of the US while parents are onvacation will not be considered a US citizen until a form is filed.A Consular Report of Birth Abroad needs to be filed with the USEmbassy.

Holding a baby while on a period?

My mother has told me all about this one. She says that it is not a good idea to hold a baby while your period is on, when the umbilical cord is STILL attached!! This rule applies to everyone but the mother!! It is said that the hormones cause the baby to have an upset stomach. Answer: I'm pretty sure that is not true and is some sort of an old wives tale. I checked on Google and see similar old wives tales like it will cause constipation and what not. Holding a baby wouldn't cause hormones in the baby that give it an upset stomach. Maybe the baby just didn't like your Mom. :(

What is a CRI?

Crime Reduction Initiatives is a voluntary sector organization specializing in drug and criminal justice intervention projects in England & Wales. All of its funding is statutory based. As of 2007 it employs over 700 workers and is supported by over 250 volunteers. CRI is a national provider of support, treatment and rehabilitation programmes for those whose lives are blighted by substance misuse, crime and lack of opportunity. CRI's service users include: . Adults and young people with substance misuse problems . People who are homeless and living and working on the streets . Offenders in prison and those serving community sentences . Families and communities affected by crime, substance misuse and anti social behavior . Victims of domestic abuse

What do you check for when a baby cries?

\nHunger, thirst, pain (is a pin sticking into him from his diaper?), wet or dirty diaper, loneliness, and fear.

Why is being born through sexual act be considered that the baby is sinned while Jesus who was born of a virgin is sinless Is sex sin?

Firstly, it must be understood that the Bible nowhere teaches that the sexual act is itself sinful. Context determines sin, in this and many other cases. The inherited sinful nature has nothing whatever to do with sex of itself, even if the context of that act was indeed sinful. Jesus sinlessness had to do with His being divine, and to the fact He did not inherit our sinful nature.

Baby not cried 2 minute as soon as born there will be any problem in future?

There is no solid connection between the kid crying and it's future health. It can cry AND get sick, or it can remain quiet and NOT get sick - entirely at random. All the crying says is that then and there the baby is strong enough to cry.

My bunny had babies a while ago and when they were born she ate off some of the babies left earsoff why did she do that and will they grow back?

i hope they will grow back but i think they wont and your bunny did that cause its weird☺☻♫♥=)

This tenderhearted animal lover cried when his baby dragon Norbert was taken from him who was he?

Rubeus Hagrid, the gamekeeper at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. **WAJAS TRIVIA ANSWER** Robbie Coltrane

What does it mean when a baby cries in your womb?

We get the ability to cry at week 28 but why we cry in the womb is unknown.

Why baby cries at night but not during morning while teething?

Quite simply, during the daytime, the baby is likely more engaged with and distracted by things going on around him or her. Even though the baby might still feel some of the discomfort or pain, there are enough other stimuli to shift the baby's focus. At night, those outside stimuli aren't present, and the baby has no distraction from the discomfort of teething. In addition, a baby who typically sleeps through the night but then wakes up from incoming teeth becomes frustrated over the inability to sleep and fall back asleep. This might make the pain more acute, the frustration may increase, and an unpleasent cycle of nighttime crying while teething might ensue.

Can a baby pee while your pregnant?

Yes! The baby starts "peeing" or urinating months before birth. He will be swallowing amniotic fluid and it will pass thru his body just like drinking a glass of water passes thru your body. The womb, placenta and umbilical cord are an amazing and complicated system that fully supports all your babies needs before birth. Providing oxygen, nutrition and even a filtering system to keep it clean in there.. If he happens to pee at the time you are having an ultrasound, the doctor or technician will be able to see the movement of fluid on the screen. Your baby will also do something called practice breathing in the womb. That is why some babies need to be suctioned after birth and especially following a c/section where his body wasn't gently squeezed by the contractions of the uterus during birth.

Does you baby move while your in labor?

When I was in labor, I didn't feel any fetal movement but that doesn't mean that there wasn't any. All you feel are the contractions, but the baby has alot of work to do to make it into this world also. But no, I couldn't feel the baby moving when I was in labor

Why your 10 month old baby cries in the middle of night?

because that's the only way he/she can get ur attension to tell u there hungry or uncofutable

How much is paternity test after baby is born while in hospital in Chicago ilinois?

This depends on the hospital and their markup over what they are paying to have it done. Hospitals do not generally have DNA labs, due to costs, but rather contract out the service. Going to the DNA clinic directly, and if you are looking for a court admissible test, runs around $400. Hospitals will mark that up 200-300%. In January, a Bill is being introduced in Tennessee the require paternity testing in all new births, which than may than reduce the cost.

Will eating toilet tissue while pregnant will be on your baby when they are born?

What? The question (even when phrased correctly) doesn't make any sense. Try reading before submitting. Or try not being a retard, either way OK, I don't know about that rude person above me, but I would say ask your doctor. I understand some people have an addiction to eating tissue, I've even read about that. But talk to your doctor and find out if it is harmful to you or your baby...in the meantime, you should refrain from eating tissue uintil you are certain.

What if your dog cries while going to the bathroom?

Your dog might have a impacted anal gland, or a stomach issue for which you should take it to the vet immediately, also it could be cancer in one of the anal glands.

How does the baby eat while in the womb?

Well, the baby is connect to the mom's umbilical cord(sorry 4 the spelling). That cord send oxygen, and food to the baby.

Can a baby poop while in the womb?

Yes, After a certain age. But this will not harm the mother or the fetus unless the fetus consumes it feces (which can be okay but may need care after delivery). Usually when this happens it is a sign of stress in the baby, it is found when the amniotic sac breaks (or is broken by the medical attendant) at some point in labor or just prior to labor beginning. The danger is to the baby if he inhales the meconium (first BM) - either prior to birth or when he takes his first breath. Meconium is thick and sticky, when inhaled it clogs the bronchial passages and can cause a serious case of pneumonia. To prevent the baby from inhaling and to clean any meconium from the baby's mouth and throat the doctor will instruct the laboring mother to stop pushing as soon as the baby's head is delivered and then suction the baby's mouth and throat. The baby will need to be seen by a Pediatrician as soon as he is born and will be monitored by the nursing staff for the first 24 to 48 hours, to watch for signs of pneumonia.

Can babies die while in a crib?

yes but don't be scared it rarely happens make sure there are nopillows near the child and if ur child is on its belly make surethat it can lift its head up or it might suffocate

Can you have a baby while having herpes?

Yes you can still have a baby if you have herpes. You will work with your doctor to determine the best method of delivery.

Why your baby cousin cries when he sees you?

he just isn't used to you yet the more you see him the better your relationship will become don't worry

Is the following a fragment or complete sentence The baby cried?

Yes. You would only need a period at the end of the sentence in order for it to be a complete simple sentence.

What happens when a baby cries for too long?

A healthy baby will become exhausted and fall asleep, although never soon enough for the poor mother tending to her.

How do i tell which one of my hamsters is the mom while the babys are already born and i cant move them?

Maybe you could tell if the little hammies are surrounding one hammy or do they drink milk from their mom? if they do maybe you can tell there? Hope I helped, don't worry once they get a little older you'll be able to move them!

Why do babies laugh while sleeping?

Sleep walking occurs when one's sleep is so deep or dream so lifelike that the body begins to react as though one is actually experiencing real life. This is the same concept as when someone talks in their sleep or, like in your question, laughs. Whether they are a baby or an elderly man, laughter in sleep is just the overflow of an incredibly joyful dream.

What president had a baby while in office?

Cleveland was the only whose wife bore him a healthy baby while he was in office. Grover Cleveland and his wife Frances had a daughter Esther, born September 9, 1893, during his second term in office. She was the only child born in the White House. On August 7, 1963, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was born to President John Kennedy and wife Jacqueline Kennedy at Otis Air Force Base Hospital in Massachusetts. The child, born several weeks prematurely, died two days later.

Why does your new born baby cry while being massaged?

This can be caued by overstimulation. Try to remove other stimuli before trying to massage your baby again. You could turn the lights low, eliminate noise, and use a low, soothing tone of voice.

Can you get a tattoo while on baby aspirin?

I want to get a tattoo and I am on 81 mg of aspirin. Is it OK to get one and won't start bleeding?

How can you get rid of your baby while you are pregnant?

Getting rid of an unborn baby is called an abortion. It's a big decision, and you need to speak to a proper doctor about it for medical help.

How do you study while baby sitting?

You could put a DVD in for the kids while u sit nearby and study !

Who wrote when you were born you cried and the world rejoiced?

It's a Native American proverb. When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in a manner so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.

Why do baby kangaroos stay in their mother's pouch for a while after they are born?

Young kangaroos (joeys) must stay in the pouch because this is where they receive all their nutrition. Baby Joeys are born about 2cm long, and extremely undeveloped. The baby kangaroo, or joey, emerges from the birth canal, much as any mammal young does, but it is completely blind and hairless. Moving by instinct only, it crawls up the mother's fur to the pouch, where it attaches to a teat. The teat then swells in the joey's mouth, securing it through all the mother's movement so it cannot be dislodged, until it has grown for several weeks. Joeys spend about 6-8 months in the mother's pouch being nursed. In the initial stages, the joey stays attached to the teat until it is ready to begin being independent. A mother kangaroo is capable of having more than one joey of different ages in the pouch at the same time, feeding on different types of milk.. Baby kangaroos (joeys) and all marsupial young are born veryundeveloped. They must stay in the pouch, attached to the mother'steat, from which they derive all of their nutrients for severalmonths, and this is usually up to 9 months, not four. When born, ajoey starts out the same size as a bean. While protected in itsmother's pouch, it grows and develops until it is old enough toemerge. In Australia were it is first born there can be sand storms. The mother keeps it in her pouch so it is safe.

Can you hold a baby hours after its born while im on your menstrual cycle?

There's no medical reason a healthy woman couldn't hold a healthy infant, regardless of how old it is or the state of her "menstrual cycle". There may be religious or cultural reasons this would not be appropriate, but that depends on your religion and culture.

What does it mean when a baby cries when somebody caries them?

The baby is going through stranger anxiety. Children around this age can become very clingy and anxious around other strangers. Alternatively, the baby may be hungry, sick, dirty, or tired and needs attention.

When a baby cries does your boobies get bigger?

No, this change usually happens during pregnancy where the milk ducts in the breasts enlarge and expand in preparation to produce milk. They are likely to become larger a few days after giving birth when a Mother's milk comes in. The most common result of a crying baby for a breastfeeding Mother is that she may have what is called let-down and leak milk.

Is it okay that I cried like a little baby at the end of the Breaking Bad finale?

It's absolutely okay to cry like a baby when the breaking bad endsas this show gets attached with you. You love to watch jesse ,walter and their chemistry and when it ends you feel like you don'thave anything to do in this world now as you were just stuck withthis show.

Which animal cries like human baby?

I need to tell you that none do sorry but no animal crys like a baby

What actors and actresses appeared in The Baby Cries - 2013?

The cast of The Baby Cries - 2013 includes: Martin Morales as Jose Matt Pascua as Marco Miriam Peniche Moses as Angela MJ Silva as David

What actors and actresses appeared in Baby Cries - 2014?

The cast of Baby Cries - 2014 includes: Matt Brereton as Wade Kassandra Carroll as Blonde Girl Tanya Howard as Alexis Dennis Maynard as Sinclair

What are the release dates for Empty Nest - 1988 The Girl Who Cried Baby 6-10?

Empty Nest - 1988 The Girl Who Cried Baby 6-10 was released on: USA: 27 November 1993

A baby cries when it hears a strangers voice but not when it hears its mother's voice this illustrates?

When a baby cries when it hears a strangers voice but not it'smother is not an illustrates. This just mean that the baby iscomfortable about it's mother and knows her voice.

Are babies vaccinated a little while when they are first born?

Yes, because they get the vaccines from their mother when they areborn. But it only lasts a little while.