Who writes the NCLB standardized tests?

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As a scientist with a B.S. and M.S. degree, Phi Beta Kappa, and a 33 year career working as an environmental biologist, I have concluded that standardized tests are written by two types of people -- idiots who know little or nothing about the subject they are writing test questions for, or PhD candidates who never learned how to think.
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What are fact about the standardized test?

The benefits of standardized testing are constantly debated; while the system was a given for decades, it is often criticized as unfair, inaccurate and in need of updating to

What is a standardized test?

a standarized test is a test that is based on the teaching standard of each state to ensure that every student in a particular state is taught and graded based on a set criter

What is the purpose of NCLB?

If you are referring to the No CHild Left Behind (NCLB) legislation - see the below link for further information:

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They think that monkeys have a better say in the issue, so i suggest you go ask one. Baby lizards have been said to know also but they quickly forget things, therefore its use

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What is a T score in standardized testing?

T scores are also standardized norm scores, where the mean value is 50 and standard deviation value is 10, in contrast to Z scores where mean value is "0" and standard deviati

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When was the NCLB Act signed into law?

The NCLB Act stands for the No Child Left Behind Act. It is intended to support disadvantaged students in education. It was signed into law on January 8, 2002.