Who won American idol's season 6?

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Jordin Sparks was the winner of AI's season 6
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Who won season 6 American idol?

Well it was between Blake Lewis and Jordan Sparks on the last night, even the judges agreed that, the winner of American Idol season 6 2007 was...............JORDAN SPARKS!!

Who won ABDC Season 6?

I.aM.mE won Abdc season 6. This answer was answered in 2011. -the season sucked really badly, it should've really been between 787 Crew and Phunk Phenomenom. They were much

What is American Idol's Golden Ticket?

There are a total of 5 golden tickets. One is obtained for each round past. There are 5 rounds. The tickets are more of a visual aid--the tickets themselves don't do anything.