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Who were the perpetrators of the Armenian genocide?

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The young turks
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What is the Armenian Genocide?

Answer 1   The Armenian Genocide was a mass killing of 1.5 million Armenians  starting April 24th, 1915. I know that this actually happened  because my great grandmother

How did the Armenians die in the Armenian genocide?

The Young Turks in 1915 had very nationalistic ideas in spreading the Ottoman Empire and creating a Pan Turkic nation by removing the Armenians, taking their belongings and la

Who killed the Armenians in Armenian Genocide?

It was the Ottoman governmen'ts systemetic extermination ofArmenians. It started from 24 April 1924 when Otoman authorityrounded up, started arresting and deporting 235 to 270

Was Armenian genocide a genocide?

Why do you THINK they would call it a genocide if it wasn't A book that illustrates this time in history is "Forgotten Fire" by Adam Bagdasarian, an excellent, first hand acco

When was Armenian genocid?

Armenian Genocide is commemorated on 24 April every year. It took place in 1915, however earlier deportation to death and massacres were practiced in Ottoman empire from 1880'

Who was the main perpetrator of the Armenian Genocide?

The main perpetrator(s) was the Ottoman political party at the time called the Community for Union and Progress (CUP) and the "butcher battalions" that the hired to cover up t

Who perpetrated the kurdish genocide?

The Anfal Campaign, which is the largest Kurdish genocide in recent history, was perpetrated by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. However, there have been more minor massacres perpetrate