Who was the reeve from in The Canterbury Tales?

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The Reeve is high ranked in his master's book. He looks after all of the other servants. The Reeve makes sure that none of the employees can steal from the master. All of the other servants are mystified because the Reeve always know when they are lying or stealing. The reason that the Reeve is so keen on their secrets is that he is the master of deceit. He diverts his masters attention away from him and places it on the other servants to steal.
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What is The Canterbury Tales?

A long narrative poem of 30 people going on a pilgrimage to Thomas A Becket's Marter/Memorial. They all tell 4 stories on their journey.

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In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales , "The Prioress's Tale" is about a young Christian boy who is murdered by local Jews for singing the Alma Redemptoris aloud in public; his t

What is The Canterbury Tales about?

The Canterbury Tales is about a group of pilgrims who venture onto Canterbury for a "pilgrimage" which most used for a break from their usual labors and happen to meet The

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Well in 43 bc the manciples ran the first tribe contes which meant the first tribe war to see who would win the land and the maciples lost , they had lost 500,000 of there sol

What were the Canterbury Tales about?

The Canterbury Tales are a collection of stories that read like a story-telling competition between a small group of pilgrims as they journey to see St. Thomas Becket's shrine

What are 'The Canterbury Tales'?

This was the major literary effort of Geoffrey Chaucer and the most important piece of English literature before the plays of Shakespeare. Chaucer died in 1400. It was constru

What is a Reeve Canterbury Tales?

"The Middle English reeve acts as the manager of a manor estate, overseeing the protection and maintenance of the pastures, fields, and woods belonging to the lord of the esta

Are the tales in The Canterbury Tales real?

They may be based on a variety of occupational types such as the Miller, several clergyman, the Pardoner"s tale ( not a Western!) and so on. all of these charactersd were tour

What are the rules to the tales in Canterbury Tales?

The first rule is that they must tell four stories two there and two back. The stories must be both entertaining and have a moral to them. The Second Rule is that all 29 pilgr