Who was the most influential ruler in ancient Persia?

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The King.

Who were the most famous rulers of Ancient Mesopotamia?

Some of the important historical Mesopotamian leaders were Ur-Nammu (king of Ur), Sargon (who established the Akkadian Kingdom), Hammurabi (who established the Old Babylonian

Which ancient civilization was the most influential?

The Ancient Hellenic (Greek) civilizations. They gave us the ideas of a republic and governance as well as learning and philosophy. They laid the foundations of modern science

Which of the ancient Sumerians' technological achievements do you think has been most influential in history and why?

i think it was the cuneiform because it teaches you a whole different kind of communication and ur teachers have been talking about it right??? hope this helps!!!!!!!!!! ( Yo

What ruler was most hated in Ancient Rome?

There were/are many men who who are in contention for the dubious honor of being the most hated. Among the emperors there was Domitian, Caracalla, Commodus, Elagabalus, and se
In Sparta

Who were the rulers of Athens Persia and Sparta?

This changed over the centuries. Sparta was ruled by two kings, a council. and an assembly Athens was ruled first by a king, then an aristocracy, then by atyrant, then by an