Who was the captian of the godspeed?

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Christopher Newport was the head of all three ships but the main captain of godspeed is Bartholomew Gosnold
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What does 'Godspeed' mean?

Answer . "Godspeed" is not any measurable value of speed! It is simply a form of well-wishing, which probably comes from Old English/Mediaeval English. In context it might

What does godspeed mean?

Godspeed is a wish for success and good fortune. It originates from http://www.answers.com/topic/middle-english 'God speed you' meaning 'May God help you prosper'. basically

Is godspeed capitalized?

In all the different uses of the title Godspeed, apparently it is capitalized. See, below. When used as a noun, as it wishing someone a safe and swift journey, because it c

What is 'Godspeed' in French?

Bon vent is a French equivalent of 'Godspeed'. The masculine adjective 'bon' means 'good, fortunate'. The masculine noun 'vent' means 'wind'. Together, they're pronounced

What does a captian do?

Well, it depends what the captain is the captain of. If it is a captain of a pirate ship, this person tells his crew what to do, and generally looks after the ship itself. Pl

How do you say godspeed in Irish Gaelic?

Go n-éirí do bhóthar leat. (Usually mis-translated as "May the road rise with you" it actually means "May your road succeed with-you".) Go dtéir slán. (May