Who was responsible for naming the Apache Helicopter?

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Col. Kenneth McGinty from Gonzales, Texas...home of the Gonzales Apaches!!
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What is the range of the Apache attack helicopter?

Around 3 hours, (5 max) at 200 MPH (cruise speed). Flight time will vary depending on the weight, conditions, how many external fuel tanks are on it, and the model. On long mi

Why was the apache helicopter made?

it was invented to make a stealthy and fast attacking weapon. also it could be used for scout or recon missions. ----------------------------------- The AH-64 was designed

What is the Apache helicopters purpose?

The AH-64 is an attack helicopter, with the primary intent being to identify and destroy enemy armour. With the capabilities of the newer Longbow series, it can also serve in

What is the capacity of an apache helicopter?

Capacity can mean a lot of things with a helicopter. If you mean crew capacity? It's 2 (pilot and gunner) technically 4 as there are emergency seating available on the outsi

What bullet does the apache helicopter shoot?

The Hughes M230 Chain Gun, 30mm automatic cannon. Each round contains 21.5 g (0.76 oz) of explosive charge sealed in a shaped-charge liner. The liner collapses into an arm

What does an Apache helicopter do?

The Apache helicopter is used in many nations for an attack helicopter. This type of helicopter allows for a two man cockpit and weapons to be placed all around. The AH-64 Apa