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Who said all women become like their mothers?

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Algernon in the play "Importance of being Ernest" by Oscar Wilde
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What if the guy you like said he does not like you but stares at you all the time.?

I think the message is strong and clear. By the way, any guy that talks to you like that has a filthy cake hole and who'd want to have him back! Keep moving and find someone

What happens when wounded women become damaged mothers?

  Answer   http://www.joy2meu.com/Mothers.htm     Mothers - wounded women become damaged mothers     by Robert Burney M.A.     Unfortunately, in

Why do women not like men who live with their mothers?

Usually because it makes men seem either (1) inseperable from their mothers, i.e. a "mama's boy", or (2) dependant of their mothers, i.e. a "deadbeat". Women find the FIRST un

Do all women like sex?

Yes they love to suck diick all day long so put that btch on her knees and get her started. Get her wet and just pound the crapp out of her.,... litteraly, butt sex is where i

Who said Failure is the mother of all success?

"Chinese Idioms Dictionary" to "Failure is the mother of success" is explained: the mother of the pilot. Refers to the good lessons learned from failures, to be successful. Ac

When is a women most likely to become pregnat?

A woman is most likely to become pregnant during her ovulation time. This is generally about 14 days after a females period. Although, this can vary depending on the woman, le