Who pays more support in Ohio if you have joint custody?

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If the man is the higher earner, he will be obligated to pay, depending on related issues, such as a rebuttable presumption. see link below
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Can a person who has primary residence in a joint custody be required to pay a child support portion?

Family Court when deciding issues such as child support, takes many factors into consideration. Where the child(ren) live for the majority of the time. Which parent has the la

If you and your ex have joint custody is it true when his lawyer says he does not have to pay child support?

Answer . \nIn some instances it depends upon the living arrangements. If the child/children live with both parents equally, then child support is not always ordered by the

Can an unwed mother who has joint but not physical custody be ordered by a court to pay child support?

Answer . \nUnwed, married and separated or divorced - ANY mother can be liable for child support depending on her financial situation and who has primary physical.\n. \nC

Does a parent with joint physical custody and joint legal custody have to pay child support?

It depends on a number of different factors. How often do you have the children vs the other parent? What is your income vs the other parent? etc. Child support is supposed to

With joint custody do you pay child support for the months the child lives with you?

Yes, this is an overal cost load for your portion of the child's care. It is independent of where the child is unless both parties agree to changes.. It also depends on what

Who pays child support if you have joint custody?

The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent. If the parties have shared custody the court will use state guidelines to determine if someone p
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Do you have to pay child support if your not married and you share joint custody?

If an order for child support is filed and after calculations are performed, it is determined that you owe it, provided you are the parent of the child (either through giving

Will you receive more child support with sole custody as opposed to joint custody?

You may since sole custody implies the child lives with that parent 100% of the time. With joint custody the child may dwell with the other parent for part of the time or with