Who pays child support when parents have joint custody but one parent has primary placement?

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Generally, the parent without physical custody but the court will decide.
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Does a parent with joint physical custody and joint legal custody have to pay child support?

It depends on a number of different factors. How often do you have the children vs the other parent? What is your income vs the other parent? etc. Child support is supposed to

Can a non custodial parent get custody when they pay child support?

No. Paying child support is not a reason in and of itself for the court to change the custody order. The parent who wants custody must petition the court for custody and have

If I have joint custody with me as primary parent with child support in New Mexico and father moved to California without paying or visiting can I get full custody?

As your husband left you all in New Mexico and went to California without paying the money or even bothering to visit the children and as you ar ethe primary parent you can cl
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Does a parent with joint physical custody and joint legal custody have to pay child support in va?

Yes. That parent may be required to pay child support depending on the incomes of the parents and other factors. You need to consult with an attorney who specializes in dome

In Wisconsin can custody be taken away or reduced from a parent that does not pay their child support to the primary custodial parent?

No. Courts do not generally sanction non-paying parents by using their custodial or visitation rights. Child support and custody are separate issues. Defaults in child support