Who knows which 3D TV is best on the market?

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It's a matter of opinion but recent reports showed Samsung and Panasonic at the top of the list for sales.
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What is the best 3d tv?

In my personal opinion, I think Cinema 3DTVs are the best. First of all, I like it because the 3D TV's glasses are very comfortable to wear for a long time and don't t hurt my

I regularly follow the technical articles on internet and come to know that LG is the best 3D TV brand in terms of implementing new 3D TV technology Is it true?

Sadly, you may have been misled. LG televisions have been the subject of a sustained, organized and co-ordinated spam campaign over the last year or two. Numerous question and

What is Best 3D TV?

LG currently has the best consumer 3D television. It uses passive polarized glasses, like the movie theaters do. These glasses are very cheap (about $15 a pair) and do not req

3D TV is happening now and I would like to know the best 3D TV you have ever used?

There are an increasing number of 3D televisions on the market and all have their own benefits. The best 3D television I have seen is almost certainly not the one you will co

Which 3D TV is best for gaming?

There is no simple answer to the question. The best model is a personal preference so make sure you experience as many models as you can. When you have tried several models

What is the best 3D TV at the moment?

I think you need to be a little more specific about the criteria for the best 3D TV. You should consider type, price range and others. Samsung has a strong reputation at prese

What is the best 3D LED TV?

Number one according to most reveiws is a panasonic model P54VT25, no 2 is a Sumsung PN50C8000.

Does anyone know who invented 3D TV and how?

I read about it on an article in a magazine but can't remember which one. It went something like….An engineer for a top electronics maker found out his wife had cancer. S

What is the best passive 3D TV?

3D television is still an emerging technology and every new model brings with it new advances and improved performance. An opinion given here will only be an opinion and will

What is the best passive 3D TV from Samsung?

Samsung currently make active 3D televisions rather than passive. The two technologies offer different approaches to delivering 3D. Active 3D provides a full resolution image

How will we determine the best 3D TV Are there any parameters I should know?

Obviously that the TV should come with great picture quality, no flicker image, wide viewing angle, and no cross talk. The glasses used should not have any adverse effect on y