Who is the Redhead in Bud light drinkability commercials?

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Christina Murphy. A quick Google search pulls a few different Christina Murphy subjects, but those showing III are her.
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What is the song from the bud light dude commercial?

Chopin - Preludes Op. 28: No. 4 e-moll: Largo. that is not the song. I GOT THE SONG! Finally. Ok I have no idea what the song name is, but if you go to the dude madness w

Who is the Dave Chappelle look alike in the Bud Light drinkability commercial?

Jaime Godfrey in St. Pete says that the guy in the Bud Light commercial is exactly that, a look a like. The manerisms, attire, nearly identical look. The guy could have won an

Where can one watch a Bud Light commercial?

Bud Light commercials are available on YouTube, uploaded by various people not affiliated with Budweiser. You can find commercials from throughout Bud Light's history, and the